Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Browns kostymer

UK Läser för närvarande "Alastair Campbell", och hittade en elak, men talande berättelse om Storbritanniens näste premiärminister. Journalisten Fiona Millar och en fotograf besöker dåvarande skuggministern Gordon Brown MP (detta var under Kinnock-tiden) och försöker framställa honom som en hemtrevlig typ:
"Brown was wearing a dark suit, not ideal for a piece that was designed to highlight the softer side of his personality. It was indicated that it would be more helpful if he changed into something more casual. Brown slipped into his bedroom and swiftly re-emerged, having changed his tie. It became clear that, to the incredulity of both Millar and the photographer, that this strange, brilliant man did not possess any form of leisure wear at all or indeed any form of garment apart from his daily working suits."

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